Microblading Technique

Also known as eyebrow embroidery, fine like hairstrokes are drawn on the skin simulating the look of real like brow hairs.  You can create a whole new brow or fill in an existing brow and no one will know the difference.
 Powder Technique
Soft shading throughout entire brow for those who want a filled in solid look to brows without looking too harsh.
 Ombre Technique
Shading of pigment that transitions from light to dark creating a dimensional look to the brows.
Eyeliner/Lash Enhancement
Using the handtool technique, pigment is tapped into the skin creating eyeliner.  Different size needles are used to achieve the thickness of the line.

Microblading is a highly skilled technique and requires experience, time, and hard work. Kim is formally trained and certified in permanent makeup - a rigorous course of study beyond the basic microblading certification.