Eyelash extensions are synthetic and made of a single polyester or silk thread.  They are glued on one by one to the natural lash creating beautiful, longer and fuller lashes.  They come in all different lengths, thicknesses, curls, and materials used to design a full set of lashes.  They can last about  4-6 weeks depending on the natural lash's life cycle.  The average life cycle of a natural lash is anywhere from 45-90 days and is replaced with a new growth once it has shed.  Not only are they just for special occasions but they can be worn on a daily basis.  Along with proper care and routine fills every 2-4 weeks you can keep the lashes on for as long as you'd like.  Feel more confident when in public, save time on your make up routine, and say goodbye to your mascara!

There are a few different levels of lash extensions.
1. Classic - 1 Extension per Natural Lash. Thickest Extension applied.
2. Volume - 2-3 Lash Extensions lighter in the weight attached to 1 natural lash, and are great for thin and sparse lashes!
3. Hybrid - A mixture of classic and volume. Gives a fuller appearance than classic.
4. Mega Volume - 4-16 of the lightest extensions attached to 1 natural lash. It provides a dark and dramatic look.
Lashes are great for anyone with lashes that are:
Sparse, thin
Light Colored
Allergic to mascara
Straight or grow downwards
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Lash Lifts
Lash Lifts are a great alternative to lash extensions with less maintenance.  It provides a semi-permanent curl to straight lashes and will also give the appearance of longer lashes.  Its lasts 6-8 weeks

Medium to long lashes will give you ideal results.  If you have thin, short lashes then you are not a good candidate

If you are unable to avoid heat, saunas, steam, water, oils, shampoos, lotions, creams, face wash, and makeup removers for 24 hours this service then you are not a good candidate.
Pre-care Instructions
After-care Instructions
Please arrive at your appointment with no makeup, creams, foundations, or moisturizers on the skin.   Having makeup on especially the lashes will interfere with the bonding of the glue and the extensions will not last as long.  If you do have makeup on you will be asked to remove it prior to the application which will take up time during your appointment.  If this is your first visit, plan on about 2 hours for a full set.  Fill appointments are approximately 45-60 minutes. 

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the music while we doll up your lashes.  This time is your time to truly pamper yourself without the stress of everyday life getting in the way.  You will definitely look forward to your lash appointments and leave feeling renewed and beautiful!
Do not get lashes wet for 48 hours after service.  Doing so will cause the extensions to come off rather quickly.  Avoid all oils on the eyelids and underneath.  Check the ingredients in your beauty products you use on your face.  No use of WATERPROOF MASCARA.  Do not pick, pull or rub your lashes.  The extensions are delicate and once you start touching them the dirt and oils on your fingers will affect the glue bond.  Comb the lashes as needed, wash daily with lash shampoo, and use a sealant every few days to keep lashes in shape and lasting longer.   Avoid hot steam (sauna, jacuzzi, oven/stovetop).