If anything listed below applies to you, then unfortunately you are not an ideal candidate for permanent makeup:

  •  Prone to keloids
  •  Used Accutane in the past year
  •  Had botox in the last 2 months
  •  Prengnant or nursing
  •  Undergoing Chemotherapy 
  •  Diabetic
  •  Viral infections or skin irritations
  •  Hemophiliac
*Please note if you have had permanant makeup on your brows in the past, it's advised to set up a consultation or send pics pior to scheduling an appointment
Before Care
        Avoid for 30 Days Prior
  • Use of Retin A/ anti aging creams
  • Facials, chemical treatments, microdermabrasion
  • Use of Vitamin E and Fish Oil

  • Avoid  caffeine and alcohol on the day of service
  • Avoid taking any blood thinners such as Advil, Ibuprofen, etc, within 24 hours
  • If on monthly cycle, you will be more sensitive
  • Do not wax area up to 3 days before service
  • No working out the day of service
  • Avoid tanning or sunburned skin up to a week before service
After Care
  • No water, makeup, creams or moisturizers on area for 1 week
  • No heavy sweating, hot tubs, steam rooms or saunas on area for 1 week
  • 3-5 days, flaking occurs.  NO picking, scratching, rubbing or pulling at skin.  Let skin flake off naturally
  • Pigment may be darker for the first week and as skin heals the pigment will fade up to 60%
  • Avoid tanning and direct exposure to sun for 1 month
  • Always use suntan lotion on area after healed if in the sun to prevent fading
  • Book follow up appointment within 4-8 weeks of initial service
Brow Care
  • Follow "After Care" instructions
    Keep dry from water, make up, etc for 10 days

  • Use Aquaphor (rice size grain for each brow) up to 5 times a day
  • Do not over saturate brows with Aquaphor.  Ointment should be barely visible after 1 minute of applying.